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Welcome to A. Padilla Marble, Inc.

We manufacture an excellent alternative to tile for your new shower, tub or kitchen installation or replacement. With no unsightly grout lines to clean and maintain, the durable surface of cultured marble and granite will provide your home with years of beauty and elegance. Choose from a wide variety of colors for your cultured marble and granite and accessorize them with marble trims, built-in shower shelves, shower seats and undermount kitchen sinks.

With cultured marble and granite from A. Padilla Marble, Inc., you get the best of two worlds. Our product reproduces the distinctive beauty of natural materials, but also gives you the flexibility to create pleasing spaces that are unmistakably yours. From custom showers and whirlpool tubs to made-to-order vanity tops and kitchen counters, A. Padilla Marble, Inc. will set your home or business apart in just the right style.

Learn more about our company and take a closer look at our products online, come visit our showroom or simply contact us now for additional information and a free quote!